Look for solar panels or wind turbines the next time you are out and about. In some states you will see them by the side of the highway, powering up traffic signs or on a few homes here and there. Stop the car and have a good long look and start a conversation with your kids about solar power or wind energy. Talk about the future of these technologies. Encourage them to think about the possibilities!

Start an organic garden with your children. If the climate allows, grow some simple vegetables in your garden or on your patio. Discuss the process involved in getting food from the farm to the grocery store to your table and how that is bad for the environment. Also mention how local, organically grown food tastes better because it has been harvested at the perfect time. Caring for even the smallest garden will make most children glow with pride in their accomplishments.

What could be easier than turning off everything in one fell swoop? In the average home, 75% of the electricity is consumed while your electronics are turned off. Plug several of those power suckers (mobile phone charger, laptops, and even microwaves) into one power strip in each room. When you leave for work in the morning, simply turn off the power strip. This will prevent appliances from draining energy while you are out of the house: a great way to be environmentally friendly. It also makes it easier for you–no more running around to turn everything off!

Most businesses, small or large, will be impacted by an external event at some stage. This could be anything from a dramatic event such as fire or flood, or something more humdrum but potentially very damaging such as a technology disruption or a supplier failure. And while you cannot predict what problem may befall your business, you can limit its impact by planning and preparation.