Green Tips – Easy Ways To Go Green

Use a progammable thermostat. If used properly they can save you about 0 a year on your energy bill. Set it so that when you are gone during the day the temperature in the house is hotter during the summer and cooler in the winter. We installed one during the winter and noticed a drastic cut in our power bill.

Cell phone battery life depends on usage. The more you talk, text, use the web, im, and play games, the more you will drain the battery and you will have to recharge it sooner. Never use a cell phone battery that is not approved for your model cell phone because it could damage your cell phone or cause the battery to explode.

An easy step is to just change your bulbs. You would consume a lot less power by trading your regular light bulbs for compact flourescent bulbs, which are far more energy-efficient. As a result, your electricity bill will go down, saving you money, and less harm will be done to planet Earth. If it’s your custom to take a shower, get started on taking squick showers. You won’t come out cleaner by being in the shower for an hour than 15 minutes. You’ll consume much less hot water in this manner, thereby saving money. The amount of water utilized will be reduced, as will the electricity required for heating it.

Are you travelling out for a business trip? Wait, have you kept the charger along with you? If yes, then are you sure that charger is going to work where you are flying off to? No, then why think so much. Get a travel charger that avoids such hassles when you are out to attend an important conference or meeting. If you possess a Motorola mobile phone then there is a solution. Check out the online stores and websites for Genuine Motorola CH700 Travel Mains Charger and travel trouble-free. The lightweight mobile phone charger is compact and extremely portable. The device can be easily stored due to its folding blades that are designed to offer the users convenience and comfort.

First Aid & Medications. Depending on where you’re headed, you may need more or less than some travellers. Pain relief for adults and children, itch relief cream, allergy medicine such as Benedryl and asthma inhalers, sun screen, meds for diarrhea, constipation and motion sickness, as well as, basic first aid items such as Band-Aids and antibacterial cream, Just keep in mind that some of these items may not make it through bag check if you’re flying. In that case, you may need to pack some items in a zip lock bag and stash in your luggage or buy at your final destination.

If something happens to me, is there someone who knows enough about the business to hold the fort. Do they have access to keys and computer systems? Would they know who to contact and how? If something happens to the owner of a small business, speedy communication can prevent everything crashing down.

Once charging is complete unplug it. Do not leave it connected to the power. Even though it is charging no more, it can heat up your battery and decrease the battery life.