Snow Removal Machine You Need For Your Home

Snow Removal MachineAriens 938031 Path-Pro is one of the few single stage snow blowers that has a single speed transmission capable of pushing the machine uphill through a foot of snow with ease. Unlike auger powered self propelled snow throwers, the transmission run engine works more like a car with wheels that have power going directly to them. The 7.5″ x 2″ tires can handle most any terrain you can get this on. With all that power it’s hard to notice the 91 pound machine you are pushing around.

The benefit of the Ariens over models like the smaller Snapper is that even when you stop blowing snow you have power assist in the wheels to help you get the machine back to the garage. This can become a huge deal to smaller users. Like all snow blowers in it’s class the Ariens path-pro series have adjustable chutes to pivot with a manual pull lever up to 200 degrees.

The standard high end limit. The 21 inch wide clearance is not the largest in its class but large enough to be considered one of the larger machines. The model uses reinforced rubber augers to cut through snow and keep weight down.

Overall the product feels sturdier than others for the fewer plastic parts all around. The 208cc gas engine is one of the largest gas engines in its class. This doesn’t seem to add to it’s size though as it still remains at only 91 plbs. Almost equal to the 163cc snapper engine. The result is a cordless power house that can clear most of your lawn self propelled.


Ariens 938031 has every specification you would expect for a single stage snow blower. The 208cc gas engine requires an oil gas mixture to be balanced for consistent smooth operation. The 7.5″ x 2″ tires are power driven from a drive shaft allowing for 100% powered single speed transmission. A 200 degree pivot-able chute is controlled by a manual lever to direct the snow any direction you choose when you project it up to 35 feet. The rubber auger is encased in a 21″ x 12″ housing that provides 21″ of clearance.

Model Stages Engine Clearance Throw Distance Dimensions Weight Warranty
Ariens Snow Blower Single 208cc Gas 21 inches 35 feet 54.3 x 21.6 x 40.9 inches 91lbs N/A


The Good

The best part about the Ariens 938031 is its single speed transmission that powers its decent sized 7.5″ tires. The effect of this power assist makes the nearly 100 pound unit feel as light as a feather to anyone who operates it. The is the highest end single stage snow blower on the market but it comes with the rewards of a two stage without the overwhelming costs that come with it. The machine can easily be used by operators of any size and strength. With a large clearance and high quality construction, this unit is built to last. This is reinforced but its 3 year warranty. The extra features make this the best user experience out of any other model in its class.

The Bad

The main downside to this unit is the 208cc gas engine and it’s incompatible snow depth capacity. The large engine is strong making this able to handle heavy snow up to 12 inches. The full power though can’t really be seen since it is limited in the depth it can tackle. Engines of this size are typically used in smaller two stage machines. The extra power seems to be driven to the single speed transmission which almost compensate. It’s a great idea that provides a good user experience but it seems to make the engine a bit overkill and the cost associated with these extra features not quite worth it. For those that want an easier time plowing snow or need to finish faster, then this is the model for you. It has a lot of bells and whistles without being the most biggest or most expensive in its class.


Like most single stage snow blowers, the Ariens 938031 is an great machine. The undoubtedly best part of the device is the extra power its 208cc engine gives to let the single speed transmission power it’s wheels so that you don’t have to. This convenience can’t be understated. It comes at a cost though that puts this machine out of budget or reason-ability for most homes. If you are on a budget you will have to push your model. If you aren’t then you can have the benefits of the best snow blowers at the size you need for your home. Remember though that the snow depth comes into play a lot. Check your climate and see if you need a larger scoop of a two stage. If not, this is a great choice.